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Your use of information on any part of the Sleep Therapy Australia website, including the SlumberPro self-help CBT program for treatment of insomnia, indicates that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.


The STA website and its contents are protected by copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws. Information or material may only be used or reproduced for private study, research, criticism or review, and not for any commercial purposes. Any material copied or reproduced must not be modified from its original form and must acknowledge STA as the source and owner of the copyright.


Care is taken to ensure that information on this site is up-to-date, relevant and accurate. STA, its employees and associates accept no liability for any loss or damage resulting from accessing the website, or use of information contained on or accessed via the website, including the SlumberPro program.


Linking to the STA site is permitted, but the link must be made without altering the content of the site. We reserve the right to prevent linking by giving notice.

Third party information

Links to external websites developed by third parties do not mean that STA endorses or recommends the sites, their contents, products or services.

References to material and publications developed by third parties are given for the purpose of acknowledging the work of others, and for the convenience of site users.

STA, its employees and associates take no responsibility for the content of third party materials.

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logo SlumberPro terms and conditions

Your registration for the SlumberPro self-help CBT program for treatment of insomnia indicates that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.

Terms of purchase

A cleared payment for the full price of the product ordered constitutes a contract between STA and the purchaser for the supply by STA and the purchase by the purchaser of the product ordered.

The SlumberPro program may be purchased and used in accordance with instructions contained in the program, for the treatment of ONE (1) individual only.

No warranty

STA offers no warranty, express or implied, for the effectiveness of the SlumberPro program or its fitness for a particular purpose or for use by a particular individual. Furthermore we do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to our services, and operation of our site may be interfered with by numerous factors outside our control.

In the case of failure of the SlumberPro program to operate, STA limits its liability to replacement of the faulty program.

No refunds will be given unless expressly offered on the SlumberPro site.

Use of information

Information collected from the registration form, insomnia questionnaire and sleep diaries is used in grouped statistics for purposes of research and training. These statistics cannot be used to identify any individual information. In submitting these forms to STA, you agree to the use of information as described in this clause.

If you enter your Health Practitioner's name and provider number during registration you give your consent for your nominated practitioner to access summaries of your weekly results as you progress through the program.  You can enter or remove your practitioner's details from your registration at any time.  Removing the details will prevent your practitioner from accessing any further information regarding your progress.


Any personal or identifying information collected by STA for any reason whatsoever, is treated as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed or passed on unless you give us your consent in writing, or by entering your doctor's details as described in the previous section,  or we are required to do so by law.

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Browsers and plugins

This site, including the SlumberPro program, should work in any browser - it has been tested in recent versions of the most popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator and Opera.

This site does not use javascript, popups, flash or any other plugins. It should work with any type of internet connection; it does not require broadband.


If you register for the SlumberPro program the site uses "cookies" to keep track of your progress through the program. Cookies are created when you register or log in to the program, they are temporary, do not contain personal information, and are deleted when you log out of the program or close your browser.

The process to enable cookies varies between browsers, and between browser versions.  To enable cookies in recent versions of the most popular browsers:

  • In Mozilla Firefox: Tools => Options => Privacy => Cookies
  • In Internet Explorer: Tools => Internet Options => Privacy => Advanced
  • In NetscapeNavigator: Tools => Options => Privacy => Cookies
  • In Opera: Tools => Advanced => Cookies

Open source

This site uses open source software, including PHP, MySQL, Apache and Linux.

Text size

Text is displayed using relative sizing. If you have difficulty reading the text you can change the size using your browser. In most browsers you can either:

  • hold down the <Ctrl> key and scroll the mouse wheel; or
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  • In Mozilla Firefox: View => Zoom
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All pages are optimised for printing offline to reduce the amount of ink and paper wasted.

Standards and accessibility

All code on this site complies with W3C standards to ensure the site is accessible to people with disabilities. Formatting is separated from text using style sheets. All pages are created using PHP with samples of the output validated.

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