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SlumberPro is an interactive online self-help cognitive-behavioural (CBT) program for treatment of insomnia. As we know that working with the support of a practitioner usually ensures better adherence and outcomes than a self-help program alone, we have made it possible for practitioners to provide input and periodically monitor their patients’ progress while they work through this program.

There is no cost for practitioners.

Problems treated:

  • Insomnia, primary and secondary

Can assist in treating:

  • Dependence on sleep-assisting medications
  • Circadian rhythm sleep disorder
  • Periodic limb movements disorder
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Sleep state misperception

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 Register from the link below - there is no cost for practitioners.

Refer your patients to the site. Give them our web address and provide them with your details so they can register as your patient. Your patient MUST enter your details if you are to have access to their results.

To view your patients’ results:

  • Log in from the left sidebar
  • The system will recognise you as a practitioner and take you to the appropriate section
  • Monitor your patients’ progress on a weekly basis

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